She Took My Lollypop

    She took my lollypopJul 4, 2010 She nodded and I went to the jar and got her a grape lollipop. .... He took his hands off, and there it was my dream car. A range rover.

    Nov 6, 2010 i got the idea to make a lollipop pic from :iconlady-fatal: with this pic she drew of her OCs Johnn and Johnny :heart:

    She took my lollypopHowever, on our last visit there was only one stylist, she took forever and then my son LOLLIPOP KIDS GETS AN A++++++++++++++ FROM MY DAUGHTER AND I.
    She took my lollypopBecause I'll always be my own, I . . .. . I deserve a. A lollipop whore. She screamed love is such a strong word. I said what if we took a word.
    She took my lollypopApr 3, 2010 I remember Lollipop well she indeed a legend. My little Gypsy Blaze She is living with a Vet how took her all the way to Nationals some

    Seriously, she is cute! You don't even have to take my word for it, In this shot, it looks like she's saying to her toys, “Don't you even THINK about eating my lollipop! .... We traveled together, took most of our classes together,

    She took my lollypopNov 2, 2010 My Boy Lollipop lyrics My boy Lollipop You make my heart go giddyup You are Walking home from work and she's almost there But she's not

    Dec 29, 2005 Lisa, she smells like gasoline. Lisa, da da da Disa. She is my sister, ...... Mama took those batteries, She took 'em away, Mama took those batteries, .... Cast: [to the tune of "Good Ship Lollipop"] On the Spaceship