My Cocketiel Is Sick

    how to tell if my cockatiel eggs are fertile? i have two . Once they are broken they are subject to bacteria and can get your cockatiel sick.

    Nov 19, 2009 means that it is upset, frightened, or may be getting sick. What does it mean when my pet cockatiel's right wing is sticking out

    she lost all feathers on top of her head it looks like she is

    Why is my male budgie sexually attracted to my male cockatiel?

    Add to My Contacts. Block User. i dont think theres anything to be concerned about if he eats. ... Need help with sick cockatiel. I'm really desperate.

    Topic: My Cockatiel Laid twin eggs I'm scared. Displaying all 9 posts. Our bird suddenly fell sick and (because even the VET thought it was a boy),

    My cocketiel is sicktaming a cockatiel. my cockatiel is mean. cockatiel breeder website. how to treat a sick cockatiel. cockatiel videos. cockatiel dandruff dry feathers

    Aug 8, 2010 Yesterday my 14 year old femal cockatiel sat in the bottom corner of her I am worried about her, is she sick? She acts fine other wise.

    Aug 15, 2010 One of my cockatiel (female) i think is sick. I'm not sure. But 5 mins ago i came to change the water and inside i found poop (as usual)

    Sep 22, 2002 Q: OK, I know this is weird, but my cockatiel loves to share food from my meals, This strikes me as kind of sick, a bird eating a bird.

    I've had my cockatiel for a couple days now and he/she (don't know gender


    My Cockatiel Who Is Years Old And Was Hatched Here At Home Is Very Sick. He Tail Was Shaking Very Fast Two Nights Ago And Now He Is Very Uncoordinated.